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John James, M.D., F.A.C.S.

John James, MD, FACS is a board-certified surgeon and valued member of the Mountain View Surgical team since 2013. Dr. James lives with his wife and two children in Douglas County. He is a music lover and accomplished musician who plays trumpet and guitar. He also takes advantage of Colorado’s great outdoors by bicycling, hiking, skiing, and running.

Medical Director: Trauma Services, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital (current)

Robotic Surgery training

Intern/Resident (General Surgery): University of Colorado (2007-2013)

Medical School: MD, Texas Tech University HSC – School of Medicine (2007)

Bachelor of Science: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX (2003)

American College of Surgeons

James JC, Powell R, Mitchell B, Schoen J, Rothchild J. “Reduction and normalization of HS-CRP following Bariatic Surgery is associated with Successful Weight Loss.” ASMBS 2012 Conference Poster of Distinction with oral presentation. Manuscript submitted for publication Spring 2012

James JC, Schoen J. “Lap Giant Repair in an 87 y/o Patient” Case report and review.
Stages TV 2012 Bonus Video.

James J, Dhillon GS, Blewett CJ, Halldorsson A, Cecalupo AJ. “Large Adrenal Teratoma in Neonate.” Am Surg. 2009 Apr; 75(4):347-9. Also presented at ACS North Texas Chapter Convention, February 2007.

Nguyen LH, James JC, Simoni J, Griswold JA, Simoni G, Moeller JF, Roongsritong C, Wessoon DE. “Effects on Acidosis on free Hemoglobin Clearance in Hemodialyzers and its Impact on Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells.” ASAIO, March/ April 2005, Vol. 51, issue 2, p.62A

James JC, Nguyen LH, Simoni J, Griswold JA, Simoni G, Moeller JF, Roongsritong C, Wesson DE. “Effects of Acidosis on Free Hemoglobin Clearance in Hemodialyzers and Its Impact on Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells.” 2005 TTUHSC 17th Annual Student Research Day-Poster Session. ASAIO Research Presentation, Washington, DC, June 2005. Information from this research was also presented at conferences in Europe.

James JC, Kurtin WE. “Micellar Properties of Bile Salts: Pyrene Probe Analysis.”
2002 Eighteenth Annual Trinity University Undergraduates Research Symposium- Research Lecture Presentation. 2003 McGavock Symposium-Poster Presentation. Received an award for best poster.