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Chris B. Winter, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Chris Winter, MD, FACS is a board-certified surgeon who started Mountain View Surgical Associates in 2004 when Parker Adventist Hospital first opened. Dr. Winter is the medical director of Trauma Services at Parker Adventist Hospital and actively participates in trauma services statewide. He is also the Chief of Surgery at Parker Adventist Hospital. He is married and has two sons. A military veteran who spent 18 years in the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps, he did tours in both Iraq and Kosovo. At home in Colorado, his hobbies include bicycling, hiking, and horseback riding. He is an avid motorsports and Formula 1 racing fan.

Medical Director: Trauma Services, Parker Adventist Hospital (2003-present)

Chief of Surgery: Parker Adventist Hospital (2005-present)

Clinical Assistant Professor: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (1996-2001)

General Surgeon: Dinklage Medical Clinic, West Point, NE (February 2001-January 2004)

General Surgeon: Associated Surgeons, Denver, CO (July 1996-February 2001)

Robotic Surgery training

Chief Resident: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (1995-1996)

Resident (General Surgery): University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (1992-1995)

Research Fellow: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Surgery (1990-1992)

Intern/Resident (General Surgery): St. Joseph’s Hospital, Denver, CO (1989-1990)

Medical School: MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center (1989)

Bachelor of Science: University of Nebraska (1985)

American Board of Surgery (1997; recertified 2007)

American College of Surgeons, Fellow

Southwestern Surgical Congress, Fellow

Colorado Medical Society

Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society

Denver Academy of Surgery

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Continuing Education in Trauma Care: Camp Delta, Iraq (December 2008-March 2009)

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“EMS Trauma Case Presentations: Mechanism of Injury”: Parker Adventist Hospital (May 2005)

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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Dr. Chris Winter at MVSA

Robotic-Assisted Surgery